Mother Poems


Imagine a Mother

The Imagine a Mother poem expresses the heart of Patricia Lynn Reilly’s ministry supporting moms to grow in knowledge and love of themselves. The poems hold up a woman-affirming mirror and invites mothers to look upon themselves with loving kindness. Gazing at their own true reflection, mothers discover that what they have longed for “out there” is already within them. The message of the poem will ground a mother in anxious times, replenish her in depleting times, and support her in challenging times. They provide spiritual anchoring through all the seasons of a mother’s life.

The Imagine a Mother poem invites the reader to celebrate her own life, acknowledge her feelings and thoughts, meet her needs and desires, live in harmony with her heart, honor her body, and replenish her woman-spirit. The poems remind moms over and over again that their capacity to be available to their families deepens as they are available to themselves.

Our Mother and The Big Mama

In my study of the Old Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary, I was introduced to the creation mythologies of our earliest ancestors in which the Great Mother was honored as the source of life. She held and nurtured all of life within her, and in the fullness of time, she thrust life forth from her cosmic womb. Evidence of our ancestors’ reverence for the Great Mother reaches back 30,000 years, beginning in the Ice Age and flourishing throughout the Neolithic Age.

Women are re-claiming ancient beliefs in a Great Mother. They are recalling ancient times when women were honored for their intimate involvement in the origins of life. They are relearning the stories of ancient women who did not apologize for their fertile wombs, pregnant bellies, and full breasts. Women who celebrated themselves as the embodiment of the Great Mother. Although greatly obscured, we find remnants of the Mother in every religious tradition.

I rewrote the familiar Genesis creation mythology and the “Our Father” prayer as part of my own reclaiming process, remembering a time long before god the father was imagined into being—a time when our earliest ancestors honored the Mother of All Living as the source and sustainer of life.

“Our Mother” uses the same rhythm and cadence imprinted upon many of memories from years of rehearsing the father-centered prayer in the religious communities of our childhoods. “Big Mama” heals the dualities of patriarchal religion. The light and darkness dance. The land and water touch. The “space” for the unknown invites us all to fill the space with our own creative intelligence!


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