The Big Mama



In the very beginning was the Big Mama.
She gave birth to ALL THAT IS.
It took her seven days of hard work and seven nights of deep rest.

On the first day,
     she gave birth to light and darkness.
     They danced together.

On the second day,
     she gave birth to land and water.
    They touched.

On the third day,
     she gave birth to green growing things.
     They rooted and took a deep breath.

On the fourth day,
     she gave birth to land, sea, and air creatures.
     They walked and flew and swam.

On the fifth day,
     her creation learned balance and cooperation.
     She thanked her partner for coaching her labor.

On the sixth day,
     she celebrated the creativity of all living things.

On the seventh day,
     she left space for the unknown.

Yes, the Big Mama rested for a while and left a great big empty space in
the universe for YOU to fill with your ideas, words, poems, stories,
cartoons, sounds, songs, colors, designs, pictures, movements, and WOW.


Patricia Lynn Reilly, M. Div.
Copyright 1995 •


The poem is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many posters may I print?
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