Say Happy Birthday To Imagine A Woman

As most of you know, I have not given birth via my biological womb…however, I give birth to transformational books, programs, and works of art on a regular basis…these are my daughters thrust into the world to inspire, support, and celebrate the human community.

It is always a mother’s hope that her children will soar in ways she did not! One of my daughters, the “Imagine a Woman” poem, has traveled around the world to places I’ve never been and has been translated into several languages I do not speak. I am grateful!

The poem’s 20th birthday is coming up! If you’ve been inspired by the poem, join the Imagine a Woman Poem’s Birthday Team. Sign up on the homepage of this website, which is dedicated to the poem and those who are inspired by it.

Below find some of the amazing “Birthday Wishes” from women who’ve been touched by the poem, which is now available in English, Spanish and German.  Add your Birthday Wish or Gratitude to theirs by submitting a comment below!

From  Kathryn  Adis
Author  of  Repeat  After  Me:  7  Simple  Truths  to  Help  You  Survive  a  Crisis

I  was  imagining  and  stepping  into  my  own  rebirth  when  I  first  read  “Imagine  A  Woman.”  Eagerly  I  sent  copies  to  my  women  friends  so  they  could  be  uplifted  as  was  I.  Guided  by  the  vision  and  its  author,  I  found  a  voice  to  assist  others  going  through  a  life-altering  experience  by  writing  Repeat  After  Me,  simple  truths  to  help  you  survive  a  crisis.  The  book  took  wing  and  surpassed  my  singular  dream:  to  help  just  one  other  person.  Today  Repeat  After  Me  goes  into  second  printing  as  I  gently  look  back  on  the  young  woman  so  long  huddled  and  afraid  who  has  at  last  blossomed,  sitting  with  ease  and  grace  in  a  fluid  circle  of  visionaries.

Happy  Birthday,  Imagine  A  Woman,  from  Thank  you  for  your  voice.  Your  song  strikes  a  melodic  chord  in  the  hearts  of  women  everywhere.  Long  may  you  sing!

From  Mary  Kay  Aide
Author  of  Spa  for  Your  Soul:  5  Steps  to  Rejuvenate  your  Life

Today  is  the  20th  birthday  of  the  poem,  “Imagine  a  Woman.”  In  1995  the  poem  was  first  published  in  the  book  A  God  Who  Looks  Like  Me by  the  author  Patricia  Lynn  Reilly,  founder  of  Imagine  a  Woman  International.  I  discovered  a  version  of  this  poem  a  year  or  so  ago  and  it  deeply  touched  me.  Reading  the  original  is  even  more  powerful  and  has  new  meaning  every  time  I  read  it.  I  marvel  at  how  one  poem  can  embody  the  struggles  so  many  women  deal  with  on  a  daily  basis. So  many  of  its  phrases  resonate  with  me  personally  and  with  women  I  coach.  No  matter  the  background,  age,  or  life  experience,  women  struggle  with  the  same  issues  and  can  find  support  and  solace  in  each  other.  I  love  knowing  the  poem  is  passing  from  woman  to  woman,  mom  to  daughter,  sister  to  sister,  friend  to  friend!

Happy  birthday,  Imagine  a  Woman,  from  the  Spa  For  The  Soul  community.

From  Linda  Amato
Author  of  Making  Believers:  Connect  to  the  Light  Within

I  celebrate  the  “Imagine  a  Woman”  today  because  I  have  become  the  woman  described  in  the  poem.  Before  the  poem  came  into  my  life  I  didn’t  know  such  a  woman  existed.  This  stanza  describes  me  and  is  the  message  I  share  with  my  clients:  “Imagine  a  Woman  who  acknowledges  the  past’s  influence  on  the  present.  A  woman  who  has  walked  through  her  past.  Who  has  healed  into  the  present.” I  am  blessed  to  witness  women  grow  in  love  and  respect  for  themselves…inspired  by  the  poem.  With  tears  in  their  eyes,  they  allow  the  beauty,  power,  and  insight  of  the  words  to  touch  them  deeply,  and  over  time,  they  become  that  woman!

Happy  Birthday  to  the  poem  from  me  and  my  clients.

From  Susan  Betancourt,  Clinical  Aromatherapist

The  “Imagine  a  Woman”  poem  is  magic!  I  recall  exactly  where  I  was,  and  how  I  felt,  when  I  first  heard  the  poem  in  a  circle  of  women  in  Berkeley.  I  was  amazed  because  I  heard  the  words  in  my  grandmother’s  voice,  and  back  to  my  ancient  grandmothers,  and  I  felt  it  was  their  special  message  being  passed  to  me,  their  beloved  granddaughter.  I  took  the  words  of  the  poem to heart.  Ever  since,  its  call  to  celebrate  and  own  my  innate  strength  and  beauty  has  grown and  matured!  The  shape  of  my  life  work  has  slowly evolved,  until  today  I  can  celebrate  myself  with  wonder  and  delight.  Recently,  I proudly  achieved  a  long-time  goal,  receiving  my  diploma  as  a  Certified  Clinical  Aromatherapist.

Happy  Birthday,  Imagine  a  Woman,  from  the  Bread  and  Roses  community!

From  Mary  Pierce  Brosmer
Author  of  Writing  For  (a)  Change

Imagine  a  poem  which  has  been  like  yeast,  raising  women  to  fuller,  rounder  lives  than  we  had  dared  imagine.

Imagine  birthdays  which  celebrate  the  mothers,  as  well  as  the  children,  visions,  ideas,  businesses,  and  poems  they  birth.

Happy birthday  to  “Imagine  a  Woman”  and  to  the  mother  who  birthed  her,  Patricia  Lynn  Reilly.

From  Mara  Castello,  CEC
Relationship  Empowerment  Coach  for  Women

Today,  I  have  the  privilege  of  wishing  happy  birthday  to  the  “Imagine  a  Woman”  poem.  The  poem  inspired  my  own  “rebirth.”  From  the  moment  I  heard  it  read,  it’s  message  resonated  within  my  heart.  To  this  day,  I  cannot  read  it  without  a  tear  in  my  eye.  It  wasn’t  until  I  heard  the  words:  “Imagine  a  woman  who  trusts  and  respects  herself.  A  woman  who  listens  to  her  needs  and  desires.  Who  meets  them  with  tenderness  and  grace”—  that  I  truly  understood  that  it  was  OK  to  be  me.  How  freeing!  I  am  not  alone  on  the  journey  to  reclaim  the  truth  about  myself.

My  most  heartfelt  desire  and  calling  is  to  share  this  message  with  my  sisters  everywhere,  so  that  they,  too,  may  know  the  depth  of  joy  that  I  now  experience  because  of  this  life-changing  poem.

From  Sheila  Collins,  Ph.D.
Author  of  Stillpoint:  Dancing  with  Selfhealing  and  Selfcaring

Happy 15th birthday to the “Imagine a Woman” poem. I discovered the poem many years ago, but the older I get, the more it resonates deeply within me.  Sitting in a circle of women is something I’ve done for  15 years, and that experience is how I’ve been able to stay connected to my true self.  It’s a big part of  how I’ve made it through extremely tough stuff in my personal life, the illness and death of two of my three  children, and my best friend. I will continue working with girls and women, passing on what was given to me, just as the poem is passed from woman to woman, mother to daughter, friend to friend.

From  Diane  Harmony
Author  of  5  GIFTS  for  an  Abundant  Life

Happy  15th  Birthday,  Imagine  a  Woman!  How  amazing  to  have  been  inspired  and  touched  by  Patricia  Lynn  Reilly’s  empowering  words for over 20 years…and  to  have  answered  the  call  to  be  our  authentic  selves.  Patricia  has  been  my  mentor  and  teacher  for  even  longer.  Her  commitment  to  the  Divine  Feminine  contributed  to  my  own  awakening.  And  this  in  turn  has  allowed  me  to  find  my  voice  in  service  to  the  awakening  of  others.

Thank  you,  Patricia,  and  here’s  to  another  15  years  of  women  emerging  from  the  darkness  into  the  light,  as  we  witness  the  profound  shift  of  consciousness  on  the  planet  that  can  only  be  birthed  through  women  globally  embracing  our  truly  powerful  Selves.

From  Kay  Montgomery
Founder  of  A  Connecting  Thread  Retreat  Center

Happy  birthday  to  Patricia  and  the  poem,  from  the  “A  Connecting  Thread”  Community!  I’ve  shared  the  “Imagine  A  Woman”  poem  with  women  for  over  19  years.  It  affirms  my  belief  in  the  power  of  women  nurturing  themselves  and  each  other  by  sitting  together  in  ever-widening  circles.  The  poem  has  served  as  an  invitation  to  my  family,  friends,  and  clients  to  travel  the  authentic  path  of  “coming  home”  to  themselves.  Its  words  resonate  for  me  personally  as  I  continue  to  explore  who  I  was,  who  I  am,  and  who  I  am  becoming…and  professionally  as  I  support  others  “to  honor  their  experiences  and  tell  their  stories”  to  heal  into  the  present.

From Kagiso  Msimango
Founder  of  South  Africa’s  The  Goddess  Academy

Today  we  at  The  Goddess  Academy  celebrate  the  magic  of  the  very  divalicious  phenomenon,  the  Imagine  a  Woman  poem,  and  the  global  community  of  women  it  has  inspired.  I  can’t  recall  where  I  first  came  across  the  poem,  but  I  do  know  when.  It  was  in  2006,  while  I  was  in  the  process  of  setting  up  The  Goddess  Academy.  Having  a  brand  consultancy  background  I’m  big  on  visions  and  missions.  Although  I  was  very  clear  about  why  I  was  establishing  The  Goddess  Academy,  I  was  struggling  to  articulate  my  vision.  That’s  when  I  came  across  this  poem.  It  had  me  at  hello,  so  to  speak.  I  was  captivated  from  the  very  first  line:  “Imagine  a  woman  who  believes  it  is  right  and  good  she  is  a  woman.”  By  the  time  I  got  to  the  end  of  the  poem,  my  spirit  was  soaring.  A  goddess  named  Patricia  Lynn  Reilly  had  birthed,  so  very  beautifully,  my  vision  years  before  I  had  conceived  the  idea.  I  took  this  as  a  divine  nod  from  God(dess)  and  received  permission  from  Patricia  to  use  the  poem  as  our  vision.  Today,  April  2,  Imagine  a  Woman  is  20  years  old  and  as  powerful  as  ever!

From  Jessica  Pierce
Writer  &  Eating  Disorder  Activist

I  was  introduced  to  “Imagine  a  Woman”  poem  and  book  in  2003.  The  book  was  nestled  in  a  bookshelf  in  my  therapist’s  waiting  room,  and  the  title  caught  my  eye.  I  had  been  seeing  my  therapist  for  several  years,  for  treatment  of  an  eating  disorder.  While  the  book  was  intriguing,  it  was  also  terrifying.  Eventually  I  was  able  to  get  through  the  poem,  and  a  couple  of  pages  of  Chapter  1.  As  I  became  stronger  in  my  recovery,  identity,  and  womanhood,  I  was  able  to  embrace  the  book,  and  its  message.  In  the  end,  I  was  not  only  able  to  imagine  myself  as  that  woman,  I  had  become  that  woman.  Today,  I  share  the  poem  with  those  who  struggle  with  their  own  eating  disorders  and  abuse  injuries.  Happy  birthday,  Imagine  a  Woman,  and  thanks  for  reminding  me  of  the  truth  when  I  forget!

From:  Paula  M.  Reeves
Author  of  Women’s  Intuition:  Unlocking  the  Wisdom  of  the  Body

I  am  drawn  to  the  words  and  the  ever  growing  message  of  Patricia’s  poem  “Imagine  a  Woman”  because  it  awakens  the  depth  of  possibility  inherent  in  every  life.  This  poem  never  ages,  it  only  ripens  and  sends  forth  seeds.  Thank  you,  Patricia,  for  giving  women  everywhere  a  map  and  an  invitation.  Happy  Birthday  and  may  these  words  find  their  way  around  the  world  and  into  every  hamlet  and  village.

From  Nancy  Scheibe
Author  of  Ripples  Of  Wisdom:  A  Journey  through  Mud  and  Truth

Today  is  the  birthday  of  the  “Imagine  a  Woman”  poem.  The  poem  was  sent  to  me  by  a  dear  friend  after  my  book  about  the  first  leg  of  my  journey  down  the  Mississippi  River  was  released.  I  connected  with  the  poem  in  a  deeply  meaningful  way.  Turning  50,  it  clarified  the  woman  I  had  become  and  it  identified  the  power  in  other  women  I  wanted  to  acknowledge  and  invigorate.  I  immediately  incorporated  the  poem  into  my  work.  As  I  travel,  women  gather  in  circles  around  Sacred  Peace  Fire  and  the  poem  is  read  to  set  the  tone.  Its  eloquence  declares  the  truth  about  WomanSpirit  living  within  each  of  us.  Inspired  by  the  poem,  women  share  their  own  wisdom  and  heartfelt  reflections,  born  of  time  and  experience.  Happy  birthday,  Imagine  a  Woman  International,  from  the  Ripples  Of  Wisdom  community.

From  Erin  Louise  Stewart
Life  Coach  and  “Dreams  Come  True”  Retreat  Facilitator

I  was  healed  in  Patricia’s  circle  of  women  while  discovering  a  woman-affirming  spirituality.  I  was  reminded  that  home  is  as  near  as  a  conscious  breath,  conscious  contact  with  my  woman  body,  and  a  descent  into  my  own  inner  spiritual  resources.  Within  that  WomanSpirit  circle,  I  became  the  woman  described  in  the  “Imagine  A  Woman”  poem.  The  poem  has become a  way  of  life—it  informs  my  choices  and  vision  of  myself.  My  business  “Clarity  Enterprise”  was  born  of  the  transformational  influence  of  the  poem,  and  its  impact  is  continually  felt  as  I  assist  women  and  men  to  imagine  and  realize  their  greatest  potential.  Happy  Birthday,  Imagine  A  Woman.  May  the  world  continue  to  be  blessed  with  the  power  and  presence  of  WomanSpirit!

From  Therese  Tappouni
Co-Founder  of  the  Isis  Institute

The  “Imagine  a  Woman”  poem  has  been  in  every  one  of  my  workshop  and  retreat  packets  for  the  past  10  years.  When  I  first  encountered  the  poem,  so  many  of  its  words  spoke  to  the  issues  and  concerns  of  my  clients.  For  women  entering  their  forties  and  fifties  and  becoming  their  amazing  heated  selves,  the  line:  “Imagine  a  woman  who  loves  her  body.  Who  celebrates  its  rhythms  and  cycles  as  an  exquisite  resource”  spoke  directly  to  their  hopes  and  desires.  For  women  learning  to  value  their  feminine  self,  the  line  “Imagine  a  woman  who  values  the  women  in  her  life”  echoes  the  call  of  WomanSpirit  in  the  heart  of  all  of  us.  Happy  birthday,  Imagine  a  Woman,  from  all  of  us  here  at  the  Isis  Institute.


  1. I found the “Imagine a Woman” poem online in 2006 during my search for woman centered inspiration to support me through the beginning of a new season of my life. When I read the first line of the poem, I knew that I was home – there was no pushing or craving, trying or striving – it was right and good. I contacted Patricia straightaway wanting to know more about her work, and this wise, wonderful, creative and loving woman has been my inspiration and friend since then.

    The poem has inspired women in my community from the beginning. Yesterday, March 31st, 2010, I included a few stanzas of the poem in a presentation that I made to participants in a program offered by the Women’s Resource Centre, a non profit agency which provides counseling, education and advocacy support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The presentation title, “How to Embrace and Care for All Women.” “Where can we get the poem?” the participants asked. I’ve decided to gift each of them with a copy of the poem as part of their Certificate of Completion Ceremony.

    Happy Birthday Imagine a Woman. Thank you for inspiring women around the world in every season and situation of life.

    Blessings always,

  2. Happy birthday Imagine a Woman.

    Imagine a world of women, gently awakening each other with love and compassion to awaken this world of ours into loving consciousness.

    Imagine yourself living this wonderful poem.

    Imagine love in existance.


    Love and light to all women awakening everywhere.


  3. “Imagine a Woman” resonates in the core of my being. For me, it is has become more than a poem…it is a mantra. Happy Birthday, Imagine a Woman, thank you for lighting our path!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love the empowering message of this poem. As a facilitator of a women’s circle and leader of retreats for women, I embrace the message behind this poem. Imagine a woman who values the women in her life, a woman who sits in circles of women – resonates so strongly with me. The empowerment women receive from talking to each other, from being heard, from connecting with their own intuition and wisdom and sharing it together is priceless. So happy to become part of this on-line community.

  5. Happy Birthday wishes your way……I read the Imagine a woman poem at my Zonta meeting and the women were so impressed some wanted to have it become “required reading” for all high school girls. Congratulations on keeping this amazing movement alive and well for 15 years. I look forward to the coming events and products. Thank You for sharing this gift. Today we will celebrate the birthday by giving a free gift to any customers who mention the B’day.
    Patricia from Patricia’s Transitions

  6. Hurray! This is always a victory celebrating women’s work in the world! Patricia is a modern day Shero and I am so glad Imagine A Woman is making her rounds around the world!

    Blessed day of your BIRTH!

  7. Whenever I have a client who cannot pinpoint her discomfort in her life we review the “Imagine a Woman” poem and it leads her to self discovery and renewed commitment to her life and goals. Custom blends which are self directed are easy to create when support needs are identified. Thanks to Patricia Lynn Reilly and her magic use of the poetic. Patricia’s Transitions is proud wish a Happy Birthday as we celebrate global awakening and sharing of Imagine a Woman, International.

  8. Happy Birthday, Imagine a Woman! This poem has continued to inspire me in my own process, and I share it with others so it can inspire them as well. Thank you Patricia!

  9. Your writing has been an inspiration for me for many years, a guide to the Sacred Feminine surrounding us and dwelling within our core. Happy B-day and many more!

  10. Brava! for Imagine A Woman being in our lives! Worthy of Celebration! As a midwife to women and birth for many years, I appreciate Patricia how with the wisdom and grace of your poetry, you help midwife women into power and possibilities! Many More Bravas!!!!!

  11. Dear Patricia and Imagine a Woman,

    Your soul filled words rocked my world many years ago and I have returned to them and shared them with the women in my life over and over. They have empowered my life, set me on the path to true North, given me the faith to leap, and the strength and grace to get up again. Thank you.

    Happiness and Bright Blessings to you on this amazing new journey for IAW International.

    Vugs! (virtual hugs)

  12. Erin Stewart first invited me into Patricia’s healing circle when it was held in their shared living room, and ever since I have been on a magnificent journey back home to myself! It is so exciting to see how much has grown out of the “Imagine a Woman” poem, especially in my own life as a juicy Sister Goddess, metaphysical minister, writer and deliberate creator extraordinaire!

    Rock on my sistah Patricia, and many thanks for birthing such beauty!

    Celebrating & Savoring–

  13. Dearest Patricia,
    Your beautiful poem speaks to ALL women in this world! What an expansive and sensitive heart you must have, to not only know this, but to be able to express your understanding in such a poem. That so many women treasure your words speaks to womankind’s most fundamental and heartfelt desires to feel value, to be of worth in our lives and to the planet. Congratulations on this birthday!! Your poem ranks right up there with one of the most important pieces of literature the world has known!

  14. I think I may have been at a friend’s house when I first saw the poem, Imagine a Woman. This year it is celebrating its 15th anniversary which means I was an early “thirty-something” when I read it and was ripe for its message. I had just opened the Holistic Arts Studio (now Wellspring Holistic Center), and had been teaching and mentoring its message since my twenties. Of course, now in my late 40’s I realize how little I knew back then, how much more I understand now, and how far I still have to go in living its inspiration!
    Happy Birthday may we imagine all women in love with themselves!

  15. I have loved this poem since the moment I laid eyes on it. It has informed me of who I really am when I have forgotten, and has done the same for many of my clients. I am honored to be a part of the celebration in my small way.

  16. I imagined….. I embraced….. I journeyed.
    I discovered IAW while on a journey of healing, acknowledging and awakening.
    I am a woman, mature in body, young in mind at times,
    Farewelling friends, greeting body aches.
    I have forgiven myself…. by realising the pain of the past shaped me to be who I am today!
    For a decade I have come home regularly to IAW – it nurtures me, it fills me up again, it restores me.

  17. Linda S. Bridges says:

    Thank you for this incredible poem. It’s relevance to me cannot be measured. All my life I have been told by men that my thoughts, emotions, desires, are wrong or unimportant….This poem speaks to me. At 58, I have reached some sort of turning point, and needed to hear these words. The music too, is haunting(what is the music?) and accompanies the poem beautifully. Thank you.


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