Nourish Your WomanSpirit
with a “Remember Yourself” Retreat

Dear Sisters, please remember, the jewel is in your bosom.
Why look for it somewhere else? —Japanese Folk Saying

Do you need to catch your breath every once in a while, as your life spins around you?

Do you long for a moment to call your own, a time-out from the swirls that consume you?

Do you wish for quiet time, to hear that wise voice within you?

Do you long to live an authentic life on your own terms from the inside out?

If you heard a YES in your spirit in response to the above questions, you’re ready to experience one of IAW’s “Remember Yourself” Retreats.
I wrote the retreats to give you a time out, a quiet moment, a deep breath.
To remind you of the truth about yourself when you forget.
To escort you home to yourself when you lose your way.
Through our “Remember Yourself” Retreats, you will:
  • Live an authentic life, on your own terms, and experience true PEACE within your life.
  • Get in touch with what’s really happening within you, and experience true STABILITY in your choices.
  • Gain access to your enormous internal reservoir of power and spirit, and experience more ENERGY to live, love, and play.
  • Learn new body-loving words, choices, and actions, and experience being AT HOME and AT EASE within your own body.
  • Gather woman-affirming thoughts, words, rituals, and exercises and experience HOPE-filled resources of empowerment for yourself, and your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces.

The “Remember Yourself” Retreats were designed to inspire and encourage you in all seasons and situations of your life.

Each retreat is designed to be experienced in 15-minute segments. Make the IAW Promise to Yourself: “15 minutes a day, no matter what!” by purchasing one of IAW’s six “Remembering Yourself” Personal Retreats, and receive an additional retreat for a friend as our gift to you.

Each retreat contains 5 reflections, and companion meditations and exercises based on five “Imagine a Woman” stanzas that form the centerpiece of that retreat. Journaling space is provided for you. Inspiring quotations, women’s stories, unique exercises, and creative reflections based on the course theme are included to be your retreat-companions.

PURCHASE one of our “Remember Yourself” Retreats and receive these “pillows of support” to accompany you on your retreat  journey.
  • “Home Is Always Waiting” Meditation MP3 to prepare for your retreat.
  • “Thirty Daily Meds” in your in-box to inspire you throughout your retreat.
  • Membership in IAW’s Members-Only Circle on Facebook to share your Retreat-Insights.
We offer six “Remember Yourself” Retreats, each with a special focus:

The Journey Home: Three Pathways Home
Heal into the Present: Four Steps into the Present
Author Your Own Life: Five Choices of Authentic Living
Love Your Body: Five Pathways to Body-Love
Name Your Own Gods: Five Paths to Conscious Spirituality
Relationship from the Inside Out: Five Ingredients of Conscious Relationship

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$72-IAW Six Retreat Empowerment Program

The Journey Home reminds you of the natural resources for authentic living that reside within you, and how to access them daily. Imagine a woman who discovers the way home to herself. A woman who descends into her own inner life. Who reunites with her essential self and reclaims her natural capacities. Imagine yourself as this woman.

PURCHASE The Journey Home: Three Pathways Home


A Story from The Journey Home: When I feel the pull of my compulsions around spending, eating, or just wanting a situation to go my way, I get warning signals: my heart pounds and I feel out of balance. I take a deep breath and settle into my internal refuge, letting go of the familiar franticness. It often only takes a second now for me to quiet my spirit and open to other, less habitual options. —Emily

Heal into the Present reminds you of the expressive capacities for resilient living that are your birthright, and how to access them daily. Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past’s influence on the present. A woman who has walked through her past. Who has healed into the present. Imagine yourself as this woman.

PURCHASE Heal Into the Present: Four Steps Into The Present


A Story from Heal into the Present When I work with parents and children I find that being present in my body allows me to listen in a more effective way and offer deeply intuitive feedback. I now try to use my mind as a secondary helper, because the mind’s analysis and interpretation can easily lead me to a wrong, if tidy, conclusion. The body never strays far from the truth. —Joan

Author Your Own Life reminds you of the creative intelligence you already possess, and how to access it to author your own life and self-understanding. Imagine a woman who authors her own life. A woman who trusts her inner sense of what’s right for her. Who takes responsibility for the design and content of her life. Imagine yourself as this woman.

PURCHASE Author Your Own Life: Five Choices of Authentic Living


A Story from Author Your Life: My women’s group encouraged me to create a life that worked for me without necessarily including a man. I’d sit in my bathtub and think long and hard about that new concept. Slowly, I’m creating an original life. I changed careers. I bought a condo. I developed a spirituality that satisfies me. I have lots of friends with whom I share intimate moments. I have personal projects that I set aside time for every day. The old neurotic longing for a lover seems to be gone. —Sylvia

Love Your Body reminds you of the body-loving instincts of the child you once were, and of how to awaken them in every season of your life. Imagine a woman who is glad to be alive. A woman who has released body-scrutiny and -criticism. Who celebrates her body with reverence and respect. Imagine yourself as this woman.

PURCHASE Love Your Body: Five Pathways to Body Love


A Story from Love Your Body On a daily basis, I affirm the goodness of my body as it looks right now. This ongoing affirmation is essential because daily I’m bombarded by images of the perfect body and by messages that my life will be perfect if I just lose ten pounds. The daily assault on my body is very painful. More often than not though, I am completely happy with my body. In this healed frame of mind, I don’t want to change a thing. I don’t want to begin a new exercise or diet regimen. I want to live my fantastic life. —Connie

Name Your Own Gods reminds you of your birthright of freedom and courage, and how to use this birthright to inspire and design your own spirituality. Imagine a woman who embodies her spirituality. A woman who honors her body as the sacred temple of the spirit of life. Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself. Imagine yourself as this woman.

PURCHASE Name Your Own Gods: Five Paths to Conscious Spirituality


A Story from Name Your Own Gods I now imagine an empty table on which I can try out different images and concepts of the God of my understanding. I discard those images that do not feel absolutely right. I keep only those images that are true to my inner depths. I’m encouraged that this table is infinitely large and has plenty of room for me to carry out my spiritual explorations. —Hallie

Relationships from the Inside Out reminds you of the essential connection between self-love and the love of others, and how to experience your relationships from the inside out. Imagine a woman who turns toward herself with interest and attention. A woman who turns inward to listen, remember, and replenish. Whose capacity to be available to others deepens as she is available to herself. Imagine yourself as this woman.

PURCHASE Relationships from the Inside Out:
Five Ingredients of Conscious Relationship


A Story from Relationships From the Inside Out I was obsessed with finding a husband. Planning, pursuing, fantasizing, and trying to look good took up most of my day. I needed to STOP the madness and go inward. Finally at peace, I wrote a vow to myself, instead of composing one for some mythical man. I no longer measure my success or failure by my ability to find the right man. I now define success as being loyal to my vow and life-purpose. —Karen

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$72-IAW Six Retreat Empowerment Program

Everything you’ve longed for “out there” is already within you. The path to authenticity travels through your own heart, mind, body, and spirit. –Patricia Lynn Reilly, IAW Retreat Program