The “Imagine a Woman” Story

In 1995 the “Imagine a Woman I” poem was first published in Patricia’s book A God Who Looks Like Me. Wanting to make the message more accessible to all women, Patricia extracted 8 stanzas that expressed, simply and clearly, the fundamental “Imagine a Woman” perspective.

In 1997 Lisa Hammond read the poem while she was planning her women’s catalog “FeMail Creations.” She included the poem-postcard in her first issue to offer her new customers the same inspiration and support she had received. The poem circled the world with Lisa’s catalog.

Therapists and coaches bought packets of the postcards to give to their clients. Facilitators bought them to give out at their retreats and events. Individual women gave them away at their salons and fitness clubs, to their daughters and mothers. Over 750,000 “Imagine a Woman I” postcards and posters have circled the globe!

In 1999 Conari Press recognized the popularity and power of the “Imagine a Woman” poem and published Patricia’s third book, Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself, which is organized around 20 stanzas of the poem.

Carmen Paz contacted us about using the poem with her clients in Spain, and she offered to translate the poem into Spanish. The Spanish version has been passed from coach to client, daughter to mother, woman to woman throughout the Spanish-speaking communities of the world.

Since 1995, the copyrighted poem has circled the globe, inspiring books, screenplays, videos, life transitions, professional portfolios, ministries, coaching practices, relationships, virtual communities, social networks, businesses, and organizational missions.

Now in 2015, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the poem, we have launched a new version of the postcard, in both Spanish, German, and English, to make its journey around the world as easy as the click of a button on our website. No woman will be out of the reach of the inspiration and support of the “Imagine a Woman” poem.

Click to View The Imagine A Woman Poem Version 1

Click to View The Imagine A Woman Poem Version 2

Click to View The Imagine A Woman Poem Version Spanish

Click Here To View The Poem “Stell Dir Eine Frau Vor” in German

Here’s what our postcard lovers have to say:

“The “Imagine a Woman” postcard arrived in my life just about the time I was starting FeMail Creations and gave me great support.” Lisa

“On her way to Iraq a friend, an Army Captain and OB-GYN, gave me the “Imagine a Woman” postcard. Tears of compassion came to my eyes. Your poem touches the souls of women.” Jeanne

“Every time we relocate, I take the “Imagine a Woman” postcard with me and immediately tape it to the bathroom mirror. When women friends linger in my bathroom, I know what they’re reading.” Sallie

“I received the “Imagine a Woman” postcard today from a friend and want to tell you how much I love that poem! I chair my Union’s statewide women’s committee and would like to use the poem on my annual report. I’m writing for your permission to reprint it.” Muriel

“I read your wonderful poem “Imagine a Woman” in the reader for my Women’s Sacred Text class. I lead women’s workshops in Spanish and want to share the Spanish translation with them.” Sarah

Your words and work bring tears of inspiration and hope for humanity to my eyes. I am a psychotherapist in private practice and most of my clients are Hispanic women. I want to share with them your ”Imagine a Woman” postcard and any other materials in Spanish.” Silvia