Fragments of the Forgotten: Remembering the Old Ways

In honor of Women’s History Month, we remember our foremothers…

There have always been women who remember the old ways.

Women who hold within them the memory of a time in the very beginning when women were honored. Women who refuse to worship the gods, to learn the language, to take the names of the fathers.

Women who refuse to twist their female bodies out of shape, to fit into definitions, to transcend limitations. Women who love their bodies. Regardless.

Women who refuse to please others by becoming smaller than they are. Women who take space with their thoughts and feelings, their needs and desires, their anger and their dreams.

Loud and strong women from every age wild women, spinster women, wise women, rebellious women, women who love women, midwives, witches healers, activists. Banners and placards aloft . . .

Eve, the Mother of All Living: “Take and eat of the good fruit of life. Take a big bite!”

Sappho: “She Who Gives Birth Has Power over Life and Death.”

Mary Wollstonecraft: “Break the Silken Fetters!”

Sojourner Truth: “Ain’t I a Woman?!”

Margaret Sanger: “Speak and Act in Defiance of Convention!”

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “Whatever the Bible may be made to do in Hebrew and Greek in plain English, it does not exalt and dignify women.”

Karen Horney: “Womb Envy is More Like It.”

Audre Lorde: “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.”

One by one the women step up and commit the forbidden act of biting into limiting thought: refuting it, smashing it, discarding it and beginning again in the very beginning when women loved their bodies, named their gods, authored their lives. When women refused to surrender except to life as it pulsated through them.

Women reminding us there is nothing wrong, there never has been anything wrong, there never will be anything wrong with woman—that’s why nothing ever works. Stop asking the question!

They speak the truth of a woman’s life told with heart, mind, and body. Refusing dissection, they are women and poets and theorists, who gather our brokenness into their words. An impulse toward wholeness awakens within us and we become again as we once were whole.

Inspired by our foremothers in every nation and generation, invite your friends, co-workers, daughters, nieces, and the young women in your school, neighborhood, and family to join you on the “Fifty Things To Do” woman-affirming adventure. To begin, click on this safe PDF link: “Fifty Things To Do.”

Be full of yourself and rock the world during Women’s History Month 2017!

Patricia Lynn Reilly is the founder of Imagine a Woman International. By March 31 2017, the website will be off-line and the IAW Store will close. Imagine a Woman will continue to inspire women 24/7 on Facebook with automatic posts of inspiration. Your purchase of one or more of IAW’s woman-affirming PDF products by March 31 includes permission to give away the purchased product (or products) forever with no print limits. For details and inspiration, visit before March 31.

By May 1, Patricia will launch MeaningQuest: Mindfulness Resources for Women. Patricia’s mindfulness-based books and trainings flow from her belief that the meaning you seek ‘out there’ is found within your own life, accessed in the present moment, and released into your experience with each mindful breath. Stay tuned for the launch of MeaningQuest’s website, books, and trainings.


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