The Journey Home
Three Natural Resources

Introduction  Your Oxygen Mask
Reflection 1    Home is Always Waiting
Reflection 2    The Breath of Life
Reflection 3    Your Woman-Body
Reflection 4    Your Inner Life
Reflection 5    A Vow of Faithfulness
Author Your Own Life
Five Qualities of Authentic Living

Introduction  Home is Always Waiting
Reflection 1    Author Your Life
Reflection 2    Embrace Your Life
Reflection 3    Balance Your Life
Reflection 4    Participate in Your Life
Reflection 5    Celebrate Your Life
Heal into The Present
Four Expressive Capacities

Introduction  Healing into the Present
Reflection 1    Four Expressive Qualities
Reflection 2    Listen to Your Needs
Reflection 3    Circulate Your Feelings
Reflection 4    Speak Your Truth
Reflection 5    Express Your Creativity
Love Your Body
Five Pathways to Body-Love

Introduction  Telling the Truth
Reflection 1    Love Your Body
Reflection 2    Listen to Your Body
Reflection 3    Savor Your Body
Reflection 4    Honor Your Body
Reflection 5    Vocabulary of Reverence
Name Your Own Gods
Five Paths to Conscious Spirituality

Introduction  The Breath of Life
Reflection 1    The Spirit of the Universe
Reflection 2    The Mother of All Living
Reflection 3    Deeper Wisdom
Reflection 4    The Natural World
Reflection 5    The Vocabulary of Spirit
Relationships From Inside Out
Five Steps to Conscious Relationship

Introduction  Grounding Resources
Reflection 1    Inside Out Relationships
Reflection 2    Vocabulary of Partnership
Reflection 3    Vocabulary of Equality
Reflection 4    Vocabulary of Connection
Reflection 5    Reminders of the Journey