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Imagine a woman who turns toward herself with interest and attention.
A woman who turns inward to listen, remember and replenish.
Whose capacity to be available to others deepens as she available to herself.
Imagine yourself as this woman, escorted home to yourself by an “Imagine a Woman” coach.


bongi-about-pageNokubonga Mbanga

Self Insights: Personal Development Coaching — South Africa

“I first read the ‘Imagine a Woman’ poem while preparing my speech for a women’s day event. I felt a sense of inner power as I read each stanza. In summary, the poem said, “Bongi, you matter!” My own business, ‘Self Insights’ empowers women by transforming their potential into performance as they bring the best in themselves to their personal and professional pursuits. I bring to my business over 10 years experience in growing and managing talent in local and international organizations.”

To learn more about Nokubonga and her woman-affirming coaching practice, visit: www.selfinsights.co.za


Tammie FowlesTammie Fowles

Wise Women’s Journeys — National

“I was first introduced to “Imagine a Woman” while reading A God Who Looks Like Me several years ago. I found it to be profoundly affirming. Throughout the years I’ve shared the poem with many of my female psychotherapy clients. I also read it to my daughter on her sixteenth birthday and will share it with her daughters, River and Willow when they turn sixteen. My business “Wise Women’s Journeys” supports and empowers women in uncovering, discovering, and recovering the wisdom that resides within each of us.”

To learn more about Tammie and her woman-affirming practice, visit:  https://www.facebook.com/SagePlace and https://www.facebook.com/supportingwisewomen

Shimeka GostonShimeka Goston

Color My Soul – Michigan UAW

“I first read the “Imagine a Woman” poem on the IAW website, after being introduced to it on a friend’s FB page. I was floored by each stanza of the poem and immediately connected deeply to it. I always carry the poem with me now and reference it often. My current business in Detroit, Michigan is called “Color My Soul.” We are committed to helping women rediscover and reconnect with their true inner self in order to live their best lives. We offer journaling workshops to facilitate each woman’s journey home to herself.”

To learn more about Shimeka, visit her website: http://www.colormysoulseries.com/

Kreisle Photo

Natasha Kreisle

Wild Girls Empowerment Camp – Georgia USA

“I stumbled across the “Imagine a Woman” poem on Facebook. As I work at a domestic violence shelter, I felt that the poem would be beneficial to share with residents to help inspire them for living a better way. I appreciate the poem for being open to engaging women in a dialogue about self growth and presence in their feminine self. The IAW Training was a very enjoyable experience. I most appreciated writing a vow of faithfulness to myself, which I still refer to, and making new connections as I worked through the materials. I will offer “Wild Girls Empowerment Camp” for young girls and women and “Imagine a Woman” Workshops.”

To learn more about Natasha, visit her website page https://www.facebook.com/natasha.kreisle or email her (wildgirlsempowermentcamp@gmail.com) to hear about the development of her empowerment camp for girls and her IAW workshops for women..

Yara portraits 0058 1Yara Monteiro

Musa Community – Portugal and Angola

“I came across the “Imagine a Woman” poem in 2013 when looking for self-empowerment inspiration to develop a workshop for professional woman. Every time I read the poem, I feel connected with my deeper self and with a sense of freedom and fulfillment in myself. In 2015 I created an online community for women to share their self-journey stories and spread the sisterhood spirit. The IAW Coaching Program helped me build the foundation to use the IAW poem to support and inspire women to consciously reconnect with their authentic selves and to achieve their full potential. I will also partner with IAW International to translate the poem into Portuguese, my first language.”

To learn more about Yara, visit her her online women’s community, Musa, here: www.mulhermusa.com. Yara’s email address is yaramonteiro@pelmatogram.com.

LenoreLenore Mulvaney

W.I.L.L. Power – Vernon, British Columbia

“I received the “Imagine a Woman” poem poster from my sister 3 years ago. The poem took a place in my heart and I memorized it. It now lives in my very bones and I recite it regularly. The poem has moved me to new ideas and a new relationship with myself. It began a process that keeps me moving forward. It hangs where I see it everyday. I will soon launch W.I.L.L. (Women In Love with Life) Power groups and courses to invite women of all ages to discover new ways of honoring and loving themselves through the exploration of new ideas and ways of being in the world based on the IAW program.”

To learn more about Lenore, visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lenore.mulvaney or email her (lenoremulvaney@yahoo.ca) to receive updates about the launch of her W.I.L.L. Power groups and courses.


Susan Morgaine

Shakti Spirit Studio – Massachusetts, USA

“As a feminist who practices Goddess-based spirituality, the “Imagine a Woman” poem hit a profound chord within me when I found it. Back then, I handed out the poem to the women in my Kundalini Yoga and Belly Dance classes and since have mailed it to all the women in my life. It is now taped in my meditation room and read regularly. My business, Shakti Spirit Studios, has evolved over the years. Having completed the Training, I am now ‘playing’ with the idea of incorporating stanzas of the poem into women’s yoga classes, Sacred Circle retreats, Red Tent events, and Skype Support calls to women around the world.”

To learn more about Susan, visit her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/susansumora), read her blog at https://shaktiwarrior.wordpress.com, or email her (susanmorgaine@comcast.net) to receive updates about the evolution of Shakti Spirit Studios.

Michelle Bergen - PhotoMichelle Bergen

Journey to Ubuntu – Florida, USA

“I read the “Imagine a Woman” poem one stanza at a time on Facebook in 2011. I closely identified with the poem’s words and thoughts. The poem made me think of the African word ‘Ubuntu,’ which I learned in Zimbabwe, Africa where I was born and raised. ‘Ubuntu’ is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’ and ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.’ The poem connects women and has become a ‘woman-ubuntu’ for me—circles of women helping and supporting each other in kindness and harmony.

The poem continues to empower and sustain me on a daily basis and I have introduced the poem’s essential spirit to the women in my life. My woman-affirming business, ‘Journey to Ubuntu’ (JTU) is in seedling form. It will launch in 2016 and provide a support system for women in transition, once they leave domestic violence or homeless shelters. Through empowerment coaching and classes, JTU will support and inspire them to love and believe in themselves again.”

To learn more about the evolution of Michelle’s seedling business ‘Journey to Ubuntu,’ check this link after the new year to hear the latest news about the 2016 launch of JTU’s support services for women in transition: https://www.facebook.com/journeytoubuntu/?fref=ts

Exposito PhotoKhrys Exposito

Goddess on Fire — Pennsylvania, USA

“I was introduced to the “Imagine a Woman” poem as I researched Life Coaching Certification programs. I was looking for a program that supported empowerment and self-guided reflection and that resonated with my personal goals. I connected personally to the poem as a celebration of all that I’ve worked toward in my adult life. The Training highlighted true individual empowerment rather than a dependency-based model of coaching.

My woman-affirming business, ‘Goddess on Fire’ assists women to find the fire burning within them and to see their empowerment path clearly through Tarot readings, workshops, and life coaching.”

To learn more about Khrys and her offerings, visit her website: http://www.goddess-on-fire.com


Shata PhotoSamar Shata

Therapist — Vancouver Area, Canada

“The Imagine a Woman poem speaks to my heart and soul. I am a psychotherapist, life coach, and workshop leader, who trusts the strength of the human psyche. I enjoy working with women and men who desire powerful change. I provide a safe, loving, non-judgmental environment for my clients to explore in depth. My special interest is working with women in transition, empowering them to make sense of the transition and supporting them to integrate the power of the transition into their lives. I support all of my clients to courageously find, follow, and trust their inner wisdom.”

To learn more about Samar’s counseling practice, visit the “Wisdom From Within” Counseling Center website here: http://www.southsurreycounselling.com/


Michelle RiglingMichelle Rigling

Celebrate Your Existence — Chattanooga, TN

“While searching for inspiration to use with staff and clients at a non-profit, I found the “Imagine a Woman” poem. My initial reaction was —how wonderful would it be to be that woman. The poem has become a friend to me, often emerging unexpectedly in times of heavy self-doubt or when a woman-friend needs encouragement. I have several facilitator certifications, however, the IAW Facilitator training is by far the most empowering, woman- and self-affirming program I’ve experienced.”

To learn more about Michelle and her business “Celebrate Your Existence,” which creates opportunities for women to discover more joy, experience more wonder, and make time for adventure, visit http://www.celebrateyourexistence.com.


Rochelle Simons

Sound View Limited – Bermuda

“I found the ‘Imagine a Woman’ poem in 2006 during my search for woman-centered inspiration. When I read the first line of the poem, I knew that I was home—there was no pushing or craving, trying or striving—it is right and good that I am woman.”

To learn more about Rochelle, visit her website: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rochelle-simons/11/a83/a78


Angelique Arroyo

The Passionate Wise Woman – Pennsylvania USA

“I came across the ‘Imagine A Woman’ poem in 2010. After having been dormant for years, I was ready to journey home to myself. I had begun with visual art, journaling, and mix-media art. But longed for more. As a writer, words impact me deeply. Patricia words embodied where I was and what I felt. I printed out the words for me and my daughter to post on our walls. Now I am a IAW Certified Coach with a passion for supporting women, using IAW’s empowerment tools and my own holistic health resources.”

To learn more about Angelique, visit her website: http://angeliquearroyo.com/


Mara Castello

Navigate From The Heart Coaching – Massachusetts USA

“From the moment I heard the ‘Imagine a Woman’ poem read, it resonated within my heart. My heartfelt desire and calling is to share the poem’s message with women everywhere, so that they may know the same depth of freedom and joy I now experience. I have developed my own “Heart Dating” Process to support women searching for love!”

To learn more about Mara, visit her website: http://www.navigatefromtheheart.com/blog/


Kagiso Msimango

The Goddess Academy – South Africa

“I first read the ‘Imagine a Woman’ poem in 2006, while I was setting up The Goddess Academy and struggling to articulate my vision. I was captivated from the very first line. By the time I got to the end of the poem, my spirit was soaring. I received permission from Patricia to use the poem as our vision. I am now South Africa’s first certified IAW Facilitator-Coach.”

To lean more about Kagiso, visit her website: https://thegoddessacademy.wordpress.com/author/thegoddessacademy/


Rita Rene

LoveGlow Studio – Michigan USA

“Since age 19, I’ve wanted to become a life coach. I finally found IAW’s Certification Program, which fits my desire to focus on women’s empowerment and is in perfect alignment with my business vision. I love the ‘Imagine a Woman’ poem—it embodies all that I am, have been, and want to become. I now combine my love of massage, my stress management skills, and IAW’s specialized services and programs to empower women.”

To learn more about Rita, visit her website: http://loveglowstudio.com


Trista Hendren

Author and Interfaith Advocate – Norway

“Introduced to the poem while reading Patricia’s book A God Who Looks Like Me, I read the poem as my daily meditation and grew stronger as I left a dysfunctional marriage. I found my way home to my breath through the IAW training. When I listened to Patricia’s “Home is Always Waiting Meditation” every night, I noticed an immediate difference in my sense of personal power and energy level. I believe breathing is at the root of some of the major changes I would like to make in my life.”

To learn more about Trista, visit her website: http://www.thegirlgod.com/


Zinhle Mtshatsha

Zone Leadership Development – South Africa

“During the IAW Certification Training, I reconnected to my breath, and realized that the breath is our internal GPS, keeping us on the path and supporting us to make course corrections when we detour from what is best for us. I have moved from striving to understand, accomplish, and progress to flowing with life, cultivating ways to meet my needs with tenderness and grace, fully accepting life as my teacher and healer, and receiving each situation in front of me with calm and purposeful action.”

To learn more about Zinhle, visit her website: http://izoneleadershipdevelopment.com/wp/


Patricia O’Neill Gleason

Synergy Holistics – Hawaii

“I own a wellness shop in Hilo, Hawaii. I have trained in Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Reiki, Color and Sound Therapy, and use these modalities to empower women to draw on their inner wisdom and health. For many years, I’ve carried the ‘Imagine a Woman’ line of woman-affirming resources and shared the poem with my customers. As Hawaii’s first certified IAW Facilitator-Coach, I’ve added IAW programs and consultations to my own holistic offerings.”

To learn more about Patricia, visit her website: http://synergy-holistics.myshopify.com/


Cecilia Ramirez

Art Explorations – Colombia, South America

“I offer art-therapy groups and now as South America’s first Certified IAW Facilitator-Coach, I use the poem to inspire these groups. The IAW Training took me on a deep interior journey and challenged me to be faithful to myself and my professional dream.”