In Wisdom, We Acknowledge That Everything Changes

Announcement from Imagine a Woman International

Between now and March 31, 2017, Patricia will release the Imagine a Woman universe of inspiration and empowerment with great gratitude. By March 31 2017, the website will be off-line and the IAW Store will close. Imagine a Woman will continue to inspire women 24/7 on Facebook with automatic posts of inspiration, and IAW coaches will promote their woman-affirming work there. 

To All Women Everywhere – In gratitude for your ongoing support, your purchase of one or more of IAW’s woman-affirming PDF and MP3 products by March 31 2017 includes permission to GIVE-AWAY the purchased product (or products) forever with no print limits. This offer includes everything in the IAW Store except the IAW poem-photo books. Stock up to share the poem with generations of women to come:

To All Official IAW Coaches – In gratitude for your commitment to share IAW’s empowerment message with women world-wide, your purchase of one or more of IAW’s woman-affirming PDF and MP3 products by March 31 2017 includes permission to give away (anytime) or to SELL (after March 31) the purchased product (or products) with no print limits. All current IAW coaches who take advantage of the above offer will be given administrative privileges at IAW’s Facebook page to promote your woman-affirming work there. Stock up to enrich your woman-affirming work for decades to come:

Imagine into being a community of women inspiring its daughters, granddaughters, and nieces to refuse to twist their lives out of shape to fit into expectations; to refuse to please others by pretending to be less intelligent and gifted than they are; and to love their woman-bodies, regardless. And so it is.

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