A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman’s Perspective

From a self-possessed center, Patricia Lynn Reilly reframed the 12 Steps based on a belief in original goodness and the necessity of self-love and self-trust. Each step now answers the question, “What’s good and right about me?” and affirms our natural impulse toward healing and wholeness. The rewritten 12 steps form the centerpiece of Patricia’s book: A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman’s Perspective

Patricia titled her book A Deeper Wisdom. “Deeper” acknowledges that a woman’s journey is one of descent. Instead of looking to gods or higher powers outside of our lives, we look deep within to reclaim forgotten aspects of ourselves.

“Wisdom” acknowledges that in our descent we rediscover the original wisdom that orchestrated our days and development in the very beginning of life. Deeper Wisdom restores us to wholeness and a loving relationship with ourselves.

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From the Introduction to A Deeper Wisdom

“In the process of awakening, I realized that aspects of the 12 Step model weren’t working for me. I desired a non-shaming, non-hierarchical framework within which to wrestle with my habits of behavior. I rewrote the 12 Steps from an inner perspective, recognizing that my journey was an inward one.

Instead of looking to another god or higher power outside of my life for salvation, I longed to return home to myself, to grow in knowledge and love of myself, to accept and trust myself. I wasn’t interested in ascending to enlightened states of being that involved the denial of the self. I was compelled to descend—to look deep within to reclaim forgotten aspects of myself.

Releasing the shame of a lifetime, I reached beneath my obsession with flaws, beneath the accomplishments that masked my sense of unworthiness, beneath years of alienation from myself, toward the goodness at my center. I discovered that the good was deeply embedded within me. As I embraced my original goodness, my inner spaces were cleared out and reclaimed as my own. I found rest within my own life and now accept all of myself as worthy.”


The ADW Specialist Certificate



Facilitate the  “A Deeper Wisdom” (ADW) 12 Step Process based on Patricia’s book — A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman’s Perspective.

Are you looking for a new tool for your coaching toolbox to support your clients
to sort through the 12 Steps, letting go of what doesn’t work for them
and weaving what does work into their woman-affirming recovery and life?

Are you a 12-step sponsor who secretly wishes for an alternative
set of insights and practices to offer to your sponsees, ones that are
less about the god of traditional religion and more about reclaiming ourselves;
less about ego-deflation and more about self-acceptance and self-love?

Recognizing that life is lived from the inside out, are you more interested
in reuniting with yourself than in surrendering to a higher power outside of your life?

Do you appreciate the processes of the traditional 12 Steps, such as
an inventory, guide to making amends, and daily review of one’s life,
yet feel put off by the god-talk and “ego deflation” perspective?

Since A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps From a Woman’s Perspective (ADW) was first published, women have requested a Certificate Program to prepare and certify them to facilitate groups and coach individuals based on the “A Deeper Wisdom” (ADW) Step-Process.

In response we designed the ADW Specialist Certificate. The certificate entitles you to facilitate the copyrighted ADW 12 Step Process in groups and/or with private clients, and to charge a professional fee for this coaching and facilitation.

Training Details

  1. Upon Purchase: You will receive Patricia’s book A Deeper Wisdom, the ADW Training Manual, the “Home is Always Waiting” Meditation, 30 days of Daily Meditations, and other perks described below. Upon receipt of your Certificate Questionnaire, you will receive your ADW Specialist Certificate, a starter kit of woman-affirming books and resources, the discount code for the ADW book and resources, and other perks described below.
  1. The Training Period: The centerpiece of the ADW Specialist Training Program is your own journey through A Deeper Wisdom (the book) and the ADW Specialist Training Manual.
  1. Support from Patricia Lynn Reilly: IAW has created a private ADW Trainee group on Facebook. You will be invited to join the group. Patricia visits at least once weekly to answer questions and inspire you along the way.
  1. Inspiration from Imagine a Woman International: IAW posts inspirational content to its Facebook fan page and private Gratitude Circle several times a day. Both pages are available 24/7 to inspire and support women in every season and of their lives.
  1. ADW Specialist Certificate: Once certified, you’ll receive an ADW Specialist Certificate to place at your website, email signatures, e-newsletters, and business cards.
  1. Certification and Promotion: Once certified, you’re entitled to facilitate the ADW Step Process for groups and individuals. Your name, business name/location, and website will be listed at IAW’s website. Yearly renewal is offered at no charge to ADW Specialists.
  1. Book and Resource Starter Kit: Once certified, you will receive a kit of additional woman-affirming books, resources, posters, and greeting cards. Start planning how you’ll use these resources. Give them away or sell them at your website or events.
  1. ADW Specialist Discount: Once certified, you will be given a discount code to use when you purchase quantities of the ADW digital book and poster.


A Deeper Wisdom helped me rethink AA’s Twelve Steps from my perspective.
I rewrote them, using concepts of “god” more helpful to me. Now I sit in meetings without resentment because I’ve altered what didn’t work for me. —Jen



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The Twelve Steps From a Woman’s Perspective

Step 1: Caught in the swirl of my habits of behavior, I’ve lost touch with myself and my life has become unmanageable. I reach out for support. This is a brave action on my own behalf.

Step 2: I have come to believe in the deep wisdom of my own inner life. I stop flailing and am restored to the sanity of a loving and respectful relationship with myself.

Step 3: I turn my current situation over to the deep wisdom that flows in and through my life. One self-caring step at a time, I unravel my harmful habits of behavior and the thoughts that hold them in place.

Step 4: Turning a merciful eye toward myself, I inventory both my life-affirming and ineffective habits of behaviors, and identify the habits of thought that inspire them.

Step 5: In the company of trustworthy allies, I celebrate my life-affirming behaviors, accept responsibility for my ineffective behaviors, and make a commitment to my transformation.

Step 6: I am entirely ready to deepen my inner well-being by relinquishing negative habits of behavior and cultivating new thoughts to inspire healthier behaviors and outcomes.

Step 7: My life journey is orchestrated by my own inner wisdom. In the fullness of time, I am transformed at a deeper level of my being. I actively participate in this process.

Step 8: Certain that I love myself, I welcome clarity in my relationships. I acknowledge those who were hurt by my ineffective habits of behavior.

Step 9: Having forgiven myself, I take active responsibility by making amends to those I harmed except when to do so would further injure them or others.

Step 10: Choosing to be present in my own life, I acknowledge the gifts and challenges of the day, celebrate my life-affirming behaviors, and take responsibility for my ineffective ones.

Step 11: Through mindful reflection, I place myself in the stream of wisdom flowing through my life. I make conscious contact with my truest self and clearest thought.

Step 12: Having had an awakening as a result of these Steps, I practice these principles in all my affairs by living in harmony with my deepest wisdom, truest self, and clearest thought.

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A Deeper Wisdom taught me how to tap into my own inner resources. With the book’s help, I’ve let go of the belief that I am fundamentally ill-equipped to deal with my life challenges without the assistance of an expert. —Susan


Through A Deeper Wisdom, I realized that I do not have the time or energy to get caught up in the swirls of my past. My current life demands all my energy. I do not need to resolve every unpleasant past experience before I can live in the present. Whenever I begin to obsess about my past life, I re-establish conscious contact with my breath and body, and then turn toward one of my current projects. —Janet