In the IAW Worldwide Circle, we join women from around the world to create a safe space for each other by practicing deep presence, non-judgmental listening, and welcoming inclusion. Inspired by the “Imagine a Woman” poem, the Worldwide Circle is designed to empower women in all seasons and situations of their lives. Together we grow in knowledge and love of ourselves, vow faithfulness to our lives and dreams, and practice gratitude and self-appreciation. Imagine a woman who honors the women in her life. A woman who sits in circles of women. Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets. Become this woman by claiming your FREE IAW Worldwide Circle Membership.


  1. I am honored to become a member of this circle. For we women are to grow, to believe in our dreams, to fulfill them. The word woman expresses so many things: the one who nurture, the one who comprehends, the one who sometimes grieves in silence, the one who without understanding with logic a situation, still has the force to be there if needed. We receive blessings from our mother earth, from our mother archetype, from the mother that lives inside our heart. I am sure this circle is blessed by our femenine sacredness Sophia.

  2. I work from my heart for all women. I produce clothing, based on chakra colors, for healing and empowerment – I want women to be “feminine and fully charged” in their chakra colors – lets circle the globe in our lovely colors. Healing and light to all women. Cherrie

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