I'm drawn to the poem because it awakens the depth of possibility inherent in every life. This poem never ages, it only ripens and sends forth seeds. —Paula Reeves, Author of Women’s Intuition

The “Imagine a Woman” poem resonates in the core of my being. It's become more than a poem—it's my mantra. Thanks for lighting my path! —Wendy Cook, Founder of Mighty Girl Art

On her way to Iraq a friend, who is an Army Captain, gave me the “Imagine a Woman” postcard. Tears of compassion came to my eyes. The poem touches the souls of women.—Jeanne, Lover of the Poem

I’ve battled bulimia for 14 years. It wasn't until I read "Imagine a Woman" that I reunited with myself and was inspired to write about my healing journey. —Diane, Reader of Imagine a Woman

I'm blessed to witness my clients grow in self-respect inspired by the “Imagine a Woman” poem. Over time, the words touch them deeply, and they become that woman! —Linda Amato, Making Believers